Monday, June 4, 2012

Naked Taco Salad


Taco Salad doesn't have to be the 770 calorie/10 Fat Gram version you'll find at Taco Bell - and that's the "light" one! This lean and green Taco Salad is loaded with flavor and crunchy with red pepper strips. Topping it with a good brand of fresh salsa can help you skip the sour cream or other dressing altogether and not really miss it. Naked of dressing you can really appreciate the fresh veg flavors. And, in spite of my awkward syntax,  I'm talking about the salad now, not you being naked of dressing, that is.    
Can you tell we eat a lot of tacos? To heck with those little packets of seasoning when you can buy it in the jumbo shaker along with salsa by the quart.  
Pack it in for a good full 1 cup serving.
Now, top with some fresh red bell pepper slices or dice, taco meat, and add your favorite salsa. If you've never tried fresh salsa instead of salsa in the jar, you'll be amazed at how much better the flavor can be. Many supermarkets sell it near the produce.

*If you're following the Take Shape for Life program this is a great way to get one of your three vegetables for lunch along with 1/4-1/2 of your lean protein allowance. That still leaves some lean meat and 2 vegetables for dinner, which is how we enjoy splitting it up.

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